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Actor Tom is in awe of the mysterious "dropping" prop!
Caught without his book of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Actor Tom, like a deer in the headlights, sees his lost prop fall from the theater heavens!
Nephew Fred gives Bob Cratchit a Christmas apple--
Nephew Fred, as he leaves Scrooge's office after a disastrous visit with his miserly uncle, wishes "Happy New Year" to Bob Cratchit and gives him the gift of an apple--
The Lady and Gentlman of Charity are told to leave by Scrooge.
"If they would rather die, than they had better do it!" Scrooge barks at the Lady and Gentleman of Charity, horrifying them!
Scrooge scares the poor boy away with a shout.
The poor boy has joined in the singing of a Christmas Carol, which Scrooge stops by shouting "Bah!" at the poor boy, scaring him away.
Jacob Marley warns Scrooge that he must change his ways.
Jacob Marley, Scrooge's late partner in his business, returns from the dead to try to put Scrooge and the "right" path.
The Spirits dance with their chains in agony and repentance....
Christmas Past appears to Scrooge--
Christmas Past takes Scrooge to his childhood
Scrooge, with the help of the Ghost of Christmas Past, sees his friends riding ponies from his childhood--
Lauren DeVore & Nick Wilder portray Scrooge's childhood friends.
Fan, Scrooge's younger sister with her young brother, Scrooge...
Fan, young Scrooge's beloved sister, comes to take Scrooge home from his boarding school.
Mr. & Mrs. Fezziwig bow and begin to dance.
The Fezziwigs, Dick Wilkins, Young Scrooge dance.
Old Scrooge enjoys the memory of dancing at the Fezziwigs' Christmas party at the warehouse where he was apprenticed.
Mr.&Mrs. Fezziwig are superb dancers!
The Ghost of Christmas Past & Scrooge
After the Fezziwigs fly into the past, the Ghost of Christmas Past asks Scrooge why he cared so much for them. "The happiness he gives is quite as great as if it were a fortune!," Scrooge answers.
The lovely Belle and Young Scrooge as a young businessman.
Belle begs Scrooge to be the man he was when they fell in love... When he cannot change, Belle leaves him, a turning point in his life.
Young Scrooge begs Belle to stay----
Christmas Present visits Scrooge...
Everyone shops the Christmas Market for Christmas Dinner!
The Cratchits have Christmas Dinner.....
The Ghost of Christmas Present takes Scrooge to a ship at on Christmas.
Scrooge is shown Ignorance and Want by Christmas Present.....
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come appears to Scrooge.
The Merchants make jokes about a funeral---
Old Joe, the Charwoman, & Laundress in an obscene part of London.
The Charwoman has robbed a dead man of his shirt.
The Cratchits mourn the death of TinyTim....
Scrooge begs the Ghost of Christmas Future to let him live.
Scrooge talks the "Turkey"boy into getting him a turkey for the Cratchits!
Scrooge asks his nephew Fed to let him stay for dinner.
Bob receives a raise from a changed Ebenezer!