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Luna & Jake get ready to jump!
1, 2, 3,4,5! Juuuummmpppp!!1
Luna spreads her "wings" to get ready to fly----
Stan and Jake howl and freak out Luna in Jakes place..
Stan defends his poor drawings of Jake on his home-made poster.
Jake & Luna in love at the Larkspur Inn.
Still at the Inn but now its Sunday, and few doubts set in!
They swear to love each other forever...and never ask questions----
Jake is phobic of psychics and Mari is of course ..."psychic".....
Mari scares Jake and Luna worries.
Luna and Jake escape to a cafe to try to work out their living arrangements.
Luna eats a balongna sandwich with Jake and Stan.
1 of Mari's several personalities--a lovely Indian woman.
Jake is freakin while Mari is an Indian and Luna tries to calm both.
Stan loves his baloney sandwich.
Staggering onward toward another "home."
Stan can't believe he's eating a salad at Luna's "dinner party."
Stan sees Mari for the 1st time.
Stan tells Mari's fortune--but oh so badly!
Marvin, the old boyfriend, suddenly shows up--
Marvin is slugged by Jake.
Marvin learns that Luna is married to Jake.
Luna & Jake have a private moment.
Blossom wonders why Luna & Stan are after "Computer Guy."
Stan calms an upset Blossom.
Blossom berates Stan for leading her on!
Blossom so angry with Stan, she throws a Plate.
Mari Marvin & Blossom form a Triangle to "heal."
Everyone follows Mari's lead as she discos in a trance.
Marvin & Blossom get ready to run away.
Stan & Mari in love want to move into Stan's apartment.
Curtain Call