RJCurtainCallEDITEDA  A Note from Paul Meacham, Founder/Artistic Director
To Everyone who has supported us, our audience and friends:
Tri-State Actors Theater is at present not producing or presenting any mainstage productions, intern training programs or children’s plays. WE ARE PREPARING AND WILL PRESENT A PLAY READING IN JUNE. (PLEASE LOOK AT THE POST BELOW THIS ONE.) And we hope to present another reading shortly after and other theater related activities.   WE STILL EXIST, and are making plans for reviving Tri-State as an active theater. We are planning play readings, classes, an intern training program, and  productions of plays, including children’s plays. We encourage you to get in touch with us through email-info@tristateactorstheater.org-and to browse our web site.

Look for further info re our upcoming play reading on our website, Facebook, and the newspapers. We hope the future will find Tri-State alive and well.