Founded in 1988 by Paul Meacham with a small grant from the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council/NJ State
Council on the Arts, Tri-State Actors Theater began as a theater that specialized in training young performers and
presenting plays for children and families.  Now a full-fledged regional professional theatre company, Tri-State’s
accomplishments have been born out of its staff and artists’  experience, its dedication to its goals, and its constant
attention to the details of craftsmanship, needs of its artists, and awareness of its  place in the community of the
tri-state region.

Our audience development has reached out beyond the borders of New Jersey into neighboring states through
tours  to small communities  who ask us to bring live theater to their halls and auditoriums. In addition, the
Tri-State staff  has developed critical contacts with challenged communities and potential patrons through
our educational outreach  and marketing. Surveys show that we have developed an audience who  have
attended our theater repeatedly during  its first twenty-four seasons, and that first-time patrons desire to
return in subsequent seasons.  Their return is a  testament to the quality and enjoyment of our productions.

From 1988 to the present, Tri-State has endeavored to present a vast variety of shows including, the
entertainingALWAYS…PATSY-CLINE— the provocative–Edward Albee’s THREE TALL WOMEN
the romanticI LOVE  YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE—the hysterically  funnyTHE
 –the challenging TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD—the classic
TWELFTH NIGHT–and the ridiculous THE BIG BANG.  Our productions are diverse and are all for our
audiences’  pleasure. We bring you an eclectic mix of shows and  an exciting season  year after year.
The Tri-State Actors Theater hosts children’s theater programs offering the possibility for training young
people  as actors and technicians in  presentations with high production values, and the possibility of interns
performing  roles rather than serving merely as “spear-carriers” for more  experienced performers.



Beginning in 2003, Tri-State Actors Theater’s schools-related offerings have included: TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD,  THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK,  Tennessee Williams’ A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE and THE GLASS  MENAGERIE, William Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, TWELFTH NIGHT, ROMEO & JULIET, Arthur Miller’s  THE PRICE,  and Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL.   Our educational  out-reach also includes: staff and artists’ visits to schools and theater classes for children, teens and adults. Our  students are taught basic and advanced  acting techniques and are instilled with knowledge and insight into the  inner workings of theater art. Students with Tri-State have often gone on to  advanced theater study, work in films,  and successful careers in many fields.  Tri-State Actors Theater also encourages young people to become involved  with the workings of the theater through schools’ Community Service Requirements.



Our intern program has trained over 270 young performers and technicians, many of whom have continued their pursuit of theater in university,  conservatory, or in the profession. Our youth interns work with and are trained by true professionals; actors, singers and dancers who have performed  professionally throughout the country. These seasoned veterans serve as our choreographers and Music Directors.

Over the course of thirty seasons, the Tri-State Actors Theater has prided itself on bringing a sense of  fulfillment and accomplishment in the  service of our passion for theater to our community. Since its beginnings,  the Tri-State Actors Theater has presented entertaining and professional  productions of plays for the children and  adults of our regional community. From the time of our inception in 1988, over one hundred directors and  other  theater artists have worked with Tri-State. Since that time we have grown as one of the foremost theater companies  in the tri-state area and have  continually brought the culture and appreciation of theater to the community.


To present entertaining and finished professional productions of plays, including the reading and production of new works, for the children and adults of our regional community . . .

To encourage and train young people of our region who want to participate in the theater as actors, designers, and technicians . . .

To encourage and propagate a theater-going public in our region who are knowledgeable and appreciative
of theater and 
its uniqueness as a live art form….