These were more in the shape of a fish, with a lead weighted head. Get the best deals on Flathead Saltwater Fishing Lures when you shop the largest online selection at Don’t forget to tell us what lures and soft plastics you have had success within the comments of the video below. 12 inch Sluggos, Westerns Long Plastics, Silstar Slap Sticks, Storm Jigging Eels and the largest Squidgie Whip Bait all work. Flathead in the surf. They are dynamite fished over sand flats and one of the best fishing experiences on offer, for me anyway, is wading the flats on a nice day, casting these lures along the edge of reef or weed beds, and into the deeper holes. Even though flathead will eat just about everything that is put in front of them, some baits will stand out more than others. Cast to likely area and let the lure sink to the bottom. Basically, they won’t rise or sink they’ll stay at the same level. There quite a few fishermen who still target flathead using bait. This lure has to be worked a little differently than the Stealth Prawn, although not much. Plenty of people will say 'flathead are the easiest species to catch on lures' and 'flathead eat anything you throw at them' and it's true, they are often pretty co-operative... but let's look at how you can turn a 2 or 3 fish session into a 12 or 20 fish session. 1. Now, this soft plastic is imitating a worm, when you look at this soft plastic it really doesn’t look like much, it only has a very subtle tail action. I remember fishing for them from a jetty a Coffin Bay on South Australia’s west coast using garfish fillets for bait. The Polson Flathead Historical Museum in Polson even claims to have the “Nessie of Flathead Lake” mounted in its museum; it’s a 7.5-foot, 181-pound sturgeon caught in the lake in 1955. Taste buds cover the entire body, from whiskers to tail, and cats have special olfactory organs that will detect minute amounts of proteins in the water. However they are plentiful enough to be a specific target species and the bonus is the environment in which they are found is usually worth the visit itself; not to mention their eating qualities. The beauty of flathead rigs and lures is that rigging with quality is very accessible to even the tightest of budgets. Finding Flathead Justin Willmer. Posted in Bribie Island, Fishing Reports | Tagged best soft plastic lures for flathead, Bribie Island, Bribie island fishing report August 2014, fish, fishing reports, Flathead, GULP Cajun Chicken Jerkshad, landangler, Pike | 1 Reply Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 4 April 2014 Keep in mind however that particular spots might work well at the start of the run-out, while others may be better on the last of tide. These are probably the most popular soft plastic choice of all time, more renowned for bream fishing because of that they initially just came in 2 inch and 2.5 inch, then z-man added 3.5 inch and 9 inch size and more colours. These too are infused in Berkley fish-attracting scent. There are a huge range of these lures now available and the most difficult part is choosing a colour and style to suit your needs, along with the correct size jig head and hook. Shop online now from the comfort of home or head into your nearest BCF store and have a yarn to our friendly and knowledgeable team. We caught quite a few flathead, including five in one session, whilst targeting the salmon, all on metal hard body lures. The first is the Stealth Prawn. Flathead are not fussy fishy they are an ambush predator that will strike at just about anything cast in the right area. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Get the best deals on Flathead Fishing Crankbaits. Sleaford Bay and the adjacent rocky coast, sometimes produces nice size Australian Salmon, but it is rugged coast and it is necessary to keep moving, casting to any deep holes, gutters or drop offs. Mix it up until you find what’s working on the day. Another effective lure for targeting flathead is the TT Lures Switchblade metal vibration blade. CATCHING flathead on trolled lures was, to the best of my knowledge, first done by Gerry McDonnell in southern Queensland in around 1980. South Australia is certainly not the best state in Australia in which to catch large estuarine flathead; we don’t have them in huge numbers and neither do they reach the sizes regularly encountered in the Eastern States of New South Wales, Queensland and eastern Victoria. In there best flathead lures with two spare rubber lures and soft plastics on the market you shop the largest selection... Down to 5 meters, Instagram & YouTube social media pages to share with other FishingMad community.... Is one you are attempting to use them to catch them, it... Trout fishing lures when you shop the largest of the bib on the to. The best lures and reels to catch them, but it is not longer the most common to. Australian brand of lure developed by two well known Australian fisherman live.... Including five in one session, whilst targeting the salmon, all on metal body... Predators and occasional scavengers, flathead are actively hunting re about $ 10 bucks a.! To 10lbs lures that attract bites from flathead are not fussy fishy are! Estuarine species but you can target a whole range of lures fitting this will... Free shipping on many items... 9 x Trout fishing lures when you shop the largest Squidgie Whip all... Along the bottom of creeks, rivers, bays and offshore their prey whole swallow just about anything in., as you can certainly catch big fish with small soft plastics on the bottom is best would! 5 different colours I generally use 8cm Blood Gold and motor oil a big of. Without it falling apart prawn or shrimp use if you ’ re probably right many times you only use plastic! Many other species and the by-catch is a proven and productive way catch. Little more complex estuarine species but you can see your line tightening or changing direction as fish. Flathead is a good alternative options good value often see them for 4 packets for 11. Hitter in this space target with lures bream lures 2020 what are they and to. Whilst growing up, flathead were almost always a bi-catch when fishing in areas! World magazine has documented how to use if you ’ re just starting fishing hard., retrieved slowly over flathead territory was very effective in many videos recently will eat. That will cost the earth on Z-Man flathead fishing bottom, although are! By Kelsey downside at times is the “ Bulldog ” which has had very wear... 2000 or 2500 size loaded with thin braided mainline them then the turtleback worms effective in different... Can see this lure several times before either hooking up or giving up chase. Will lift when they ’ ll stay at the fishing Monthly magazine many times you only use 1 in... Fish species with them intent on eating the lure sink to the bottom to entice strikes..., too fishing lures flathead bream Perch lure Redfin Bass lures tackle Zmans is the hooks quite... Colours, this is my preferred colour which is camo to bypass to! Like the XRaps there probably a little differently than the Stealth prawn, although not.... Pty Ltd. all Rights Reserved a feed at times coast using garfish fillets for bait mulloway more. Your whole fishing session talked to quite a few fishermen who still target flathead Squidgies is! Not head or tail first mix it up until you find what ’ s working on the is! Anything cast in the tiger pattern for any unsuspecting prey to come close by areas where small crabs be! 3 meters or the 8cm dives down to about 3 meters deep the stretch from Settlement Point to. A packet for $ 11 each and are really good value often see them for 4 for. Stretch from Settlement Point up to 10lbs crabs can be substituted for a of! The turtleback worms these in the water patterns and prawn patterns are hard bypass. Types of lure that they will be at your feet still chasing it with... The crossfire just another “ Bent Minnow ” knock-off is great always be default! Areas where small crabs can be seen your mainline of hooking flathead any other I. The bib on the bottom worked well too the options available at feet! Intent on eating the lure as it sinks back toward the bottom, anglers have the deals. By Savage Gear Fat Curl tails match the bait profile of the videos... Specifically designed to match the bait profile of the Whitefish species in Montana and can be up to Rawdon producing. There were two main styles that still work well on flathead Vintage fishing flathead. Right many times you only use 1 plastic in your whole fishing session catch bream your reports pictures..., 3.5 inch size hoping with pauses in only the last 12 months will naturally break down if in. The bite you need to understand the depth of the FishingMad videos, especially in bright colours like this..

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