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Productions & Events in Season 28

Productions & Events in Season 28

CURRENTLY….. DECEMBER 4, 10, 16, 17, 18, AND 23—— EBENEZER SCROOGE READS A CHRISTMAS CAROL . . The miserly EBENEZER SCROOGE, long known for his dislike of the Holidays,  does a turn about– reading A CHRISTMAS CAROL to bring joy to Sussex County audiences in several locations during the Holiday season.  You will see and hear the...

Tri-State Stages Festival: Fun On Stage for Children–3/15

SATURDAY, MARCH 15 New Jersey Theatre Alliance/Tri-State Actors Theater present a STAGES FESTIVAL for SUSSEX COUNTY CREATING PUPPETS & MOVEMENT ON STAGE: A workshop for Children(8-12) & Parents 10:30am-12noon, & 1:00pm-2:30pm This Event is FREE TO THE PUBLIC! Workshop leaders:  Patricia Meacham and Lauren DeVore .


A delightful  wacky evening of theater for fun-loving fans of sci-fi, Jules Verne, and madcap flights to the—MOON???? The Baltimore Gun Club has no war to fight, no one to shoot after the Civil War…  What to do? What about Shooting the Moon?! Or a trip to the Moon, with dogs and chickens! Don’t miss this off-the-wall 19th...

New Play Reading Series Begins with THE BRINK, by Eugenie Carabatsos

Tri-State’s 1st NEW PLAYS READING SERIES of 2013-14 presents Eugenie Carabatsos’ THE BRINK, a New Drama Four friends, a human tragedy, two remain: How can they keep living and loving? The Brink follows two recent college graduate Helen and Charlie, who have gone through the  terrible tragedy of witnessing two of their friends  die in...


JULY 31 – AUGUST 10 THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS A MUSICAL PLAY adapted by Douglas Post based on Kenneth Grahame’s WIND IN THE WILLOWS FEATURING the many talents of our own Youth Acting Company! Thanks to everyone who made our production such a  great success–Audience, staff, and fantastic Interns!  This delightful musical adaptation of Kenneth...