Stoeger Logo Hat, Blaze Orange ITEM 91251 $20.00. Stoeger Condor Competition Over And Under Shotgun Review And Webley And Scott Over Under Shotgun Review is best in online store. I like those kinds of cars and I like those kinds of guns. Choose a 12, 20, or 28 gauge or .410 bore. “I’m happy with this gun. View Item. }); This product is a firearm. I purchased a Stoeger Condor for my 14yr old daughter. View Item. //init cloudzoom on updated image Stoeger Condor Supreme 20 Gauge 28" Over/Under Shotgun. Stoger Condor. Gun is new, used as a factory display gun, never shot. This blue and black, soft, zippered gun case features a Stoeger logo and will fit Stoeger Airguns with or without scopes. Differences include the gauge, barrel length, weight, and overall length. Other models have A-grade satin walnut. Many reviews also say that the Stoeger Condor is a reliable shotgun that is excellent for both hunting fowl and for shooting clay targets. Stoeger Condor Competition. All that’s left is for you to try one out, so call around and see if you can try one before you buy it. Jackets. Condor Competition 30 in 12 ga 3 in Shotgun. Be aware that the accuracy of the Condor is dependent on you as the shooter. For under a thousand dollars, you’re going to get a quality over/under shotgun that can take shot after shot that you throw at it. The Condor doesn’t utilize any such features, but that doesn’t take away from the efficiency with which the Condor can shoot. Available in either flush or extended lengths, Stoeger choke tubes designed for their double and single barrel guns like the Coach Gun, Condor, or double defense & semi-automatic and pump shotguns, like the M300, M3500, P300 & more. Great for the sporting clays course, skeet field or trap range. An over and under shotgun excellent in competitive shooting as well as in the hunting grounds. Stoeger Condor Combo Black 12ga/20ga 3in Over Under Shotgun - 28in/26in - The Condor field combo is a 12/20gauge two barrel set which offers the ultimate in versatility. The Stoeger Condor is not going to compare equally to other high-end shotguns like those from Benelli or Beretta, but it shouldn’t be expected to do so. Post subject: Re: Stoeger Condor Hard Case? Chambered for: Stoeger Condor Competition Polished Blued 12ga 3in Over and Under Shotgun - 30in - The nicely balanced, quick-handling Condor Competition shotgun has the styling of guns that cost much more. Great for the sporting clays course, skeet field or trap range. While I would never turn down a super fancy high-end shotgun if it was given to me, I’d much rather spend my money on a plain gun that will be a good friend.”, You may hear that shotguns such as this one are slow, but that’s not entirely true according to a Gunivore expert named Sam. “Starting in December, I averaged 3,000 shells a month in practice. View Larger Image. Do keep in mind that it is a heavier gun, weighing in at nearly eight pounds for the larger models. Well, that’s just user error. ... STOEGER. Bought the gun new from Gander Mountain Saturday Feb 8 th, 2014 Dallas, Texas. Forend, Satin Walnut ITEM 32650 $78.50. If you are looking for Semi Auto Remington 12 Gauge Shotgun And Stoeger 12 Gauge The Condor Supreme shotgun is a perfect over and under for hunting or competition shooting. The gun has been shot in temperatures from 18 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with no difference in reliability.”, Robert Geisler, a gun enthusiast over at Chuck Hawks, also had positive things to say about the Condor Competition model. Without doing anything but sliding the barrel release lever over and when the barrels start to open the forearm, receiver/butt come off in my hand and the barrel hit the ground. It's right at home on the sporting clays course or at a trap or skeet range. The nicely balanced, quick-handling Condor Competition shotgun has the styling of guns that cost much more. The Stoeger Condor is made to last. Browse through our great selection of Stoeger hunting rifles and targets! The genius of Stoeger is that they understand that as versatile as their shotguns are, it’s crucial to manufacture specialized weapons. From range to field, reach for the Condor Competition over and under target gun. The Condor Competition features an adjustable comb stock with palm swells. You’ll also find an excellent recoil pad that helps in absorbing the kick when you pull the trigger. Happy shooting! Stoeger Airguns Soft Case, Blue & Black. The Stoeger Condor double barrel shotgun is a favorite in clay shooting. Took the gun home cleaned it and oiled it ready to shoot the next weekend. Find a Stoeger dealer and pick up yours today. Condor Competition; The Condor Competition model retails for close to $700, but the rest of the models have a price tag of around $500. In 12- or 20- gauge, it is elegant and affordably priced. Write a review . OUT OF STOCK (15) Stoeger Coach Gun 12GA 20" Blue/Walnut. If you were to accidentally destroy it, which is hard to do, or lose it, which is admittedly easier if you accidentally drop it in the middle of a lake, you’re only out a few hundred dollars as opposed to a few thousand dollars. In other words, if you’re continuously missing the target, the problem is not the gun. That being said, don’t let anyone dissuade you from buying an over/under or side by side because “it’s not fast enough.”. MPN: 31045. I will call in short name as Stoeger Condor Competition Over And Under Shotgun Review And Webley And Scott Over Under Shotgun Review For people who are looking for Stoeger Condor Competition Over And Under Shotgun Review And Webley And Scott Over Under … SHOPPING Stoeger 30 Condor Competition Over Under 12 Gauge Shotgun And Walking Dead Mantic 12 Guage Shotgun Stoeger 30 Condor Competition Over Under 12 Gauge Sh Stoeger Condor Supreme Shotgun - 12-Gauge - 2.75 - 3 inch - AA Grade Walnut : The Condor Supreme shotgun is a perfect over and under for hunting or competition shooting. The Stoeger Condor is a double-barreled shotgun.It is an over/under gun, with one barrel above the other. Buy Stoeger Industries accessories online now at the official Stoeger Industries Online Store. } Stoeger Longfowler Over/Under 12 Gauge 30" Shotgun. 1 Selected; 2; 3; 4; Stoeger Condor Competition 12ga 30" AA Gloss Walnut . Specifications are subject to change without notice. Email me if you would like these pics sent to you, they will come through bigger and better than on the listing page here. Description: or sale we have a new Stoeger Condor Competition over/under shotgun in 12 gauge. 12-Gauge, 20-Gauge The stock has a right hand palm swell. They all have the same length of pull (LOP). Stoeger Condor Competition 12 Gauge Over Under Shotgun $679.00 $609.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: Stoeger; Item Number: 31045; Stoeger Uplander Supreme 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun with Walnut Stock and 28 inch Barrel $469.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: Stoeger; Item Number: 31105; Stoeger Uplander Supreme 20 Gauge Shotgun with AA-Grade Gloss Walnut Stock $549.00 $499.00; … //click event for swatches on model page Since fixing the tissue on the loader, (4,000 or so targets ago) not one fail-to-tire. View Item. Search Search × Men. Here are the specs and starting prices for the Stoeger shotguns so you can see for yourself what you think would work for you. Flush and extended chokes C, IC, M, IM and F. Coach Guns Single and Double Trigger Shotguns, Freedom Series Extended Magazine Shotguns, Safety (on the tang) doubles as a barrel selector, Standard with adjustable comb (moves horizontally and vertically), Pistol grip with right- or left-handed palm swell. “I mentioned before that I am a beginner at clays, but I pointed the gun at the birds, it went bang and they shattered. Steoger Condor Competition Sporting, 12ga, NIB Description: Stoeger Condor Competition Sporting, 12ga with 30" barrels, factory adj comb, factory ported and 8 factory chokes. The Condor has a trigger that lends itself to a crisp shot from either barrel automatically. My Account ; Account; My Orders; My Wishlist ; Cart. Beretta, Benelli, and Browning models tend to have more aftermarket parts that you can purchase to make your shooting experience uniquely suited for you. You can get the Condor in a variety of gauges, too. Close. View Item. How the Stoeger Condor Compares to Other Shotguns, The Best Shooting Glasses To Keep Your Eyes Protected, The Top 8 Best Scope Rings for Your Gun This Year, What is Trap Shooting and How Did It Start. Over and under shotguns are one of the most pricey in this firearm classification, which makes the Condor a great news for shooters seeking to purchase one. The Stoeger Condor Competition over & under shotgun is nicely balanced, quick handling and has that classical look. Stoeger Condor Competition 12 Gauge 30" Over/Under Shotgun. //update zoom icon link for mobile @Subscribe "Today, if you do … Condition: New. Finish/StockAA-Grade Gloss WalnutGauge12 Gauge, 20-gaugeChambered for2-3/4” and 3”Barrel Length 30”Overall Length47”Weight 8.85 lbs, 7.3 lbs, Finish/StockFinish/Stock: A-Grade Satin WalnutGauge12 & 20, 28, 410-gaugeChambered for 2-3/4” and 3”, 2-1/2” and 3”Barrel Length 26” or 28”Overall Length42” or 44”Weight 7.4 lbs / 7 lbs, 6.8 or 6.9 lbs, 6.0 lbs, Finish/StockAA-Grade Gloss WalnutGauge12, 20-gaugeChambered for 2-3/4” and 3”Barrel Length 26”, 28”Overall Length42”, 44”Weight 7.3 lbs, 7.4 lbs, 6.8 lbs, 6.9 lbs, Finish/StockPolished Nickel, Black-finished Walnut, A-Grade Satin WalnutGauge12-gaugeChambered for  2-3/4” and 3”Barrel Length 20”Overall Length36”Weight  7.0 lbs, Finish/StockA-Grade Satin WalnutGauge12-gaugeChambered for 2-3/4” and 3”Barrel Length 30”Overall Length46”Weight  8.1 lbs, Finish/StockBlack-finished Walnut, Over and UnderGauge12-gaugeChambered for2-3/4” and 3”Barrel Length 20”Overall Length36.5”Weight 7.1 lbsType of SightFiber-optic front sight, Finish/StockA-Grade Satin WalnutGauge20​, .410-gaugeChambered for2-3/4” and 3”,  2-1/2” and 3”Barrel Length 22”Overall Length36.5”Weight  6.9 lbs. Add to Cart. M3000 12ga. You won’t be able to find more than maybe a couple of different chokes that you can use, so do be aware that there are limitations on what you can add to this gun to customize it. I know that the competition shotgun has an adjustable stock, but is that the only difference? This blue and black, s... $20.00. Write a review. In fact, I recently found this video where they put the notoriously fast lever-action Adler A110 Shotgun up against a double barrel and the first to fire 10 shots wins. It will shoot the exact same way every single time you press the trigger. Stoeger Condor Competition 12GA 30" BBL Over-Under Shotgun- 31045 The nicely balanced, quick-handling Condor Competition shotgun has the styling of guns that cost much more. View Item. Unfortunately, this is one of the few Stoeger lines which doesn’t feature Benelli’s signature Inertia Driven Bolt System found in the 3000 and 3500 models. Having said that, the Stoeger Condor is probably not a gun you will see being used very often in actual competition. //-->