Funding Our Season, Supporting our Actors
At Tri State Actors Theater, we are bringing the arts to life! But to do that, we need your help!


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As the foremost non-profit professional theater in the Tri-State Region, we proudly present the highest quality theater. We offer classes and internships for the youth of our area, special performances for our schools, special events for your entertainment and pleasure, and extraordinary evenings of new and never before produced plays in readings, during which you interact with major playwrights as they develop their new works. We are a part of the Tri-State community enriching the lives of our children and the community at large through live productions and giving new and rising playwrights a chance to see their work in action.

To accomplish our goals, we need your help. By donating to Tri-State, you are showing that you care about the arts in the tri-state area, and are helping to support our efforts as we present our audience and constituents of all ages the finest theater, the best classes, and important programs in the arts. We pride ourselves on the programs we run for both children and adults, enriching the lives of the members of our community through the theatre  experience. The INDIVIDUAL DONOR IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SOURCE OF FUNDING for Tri-State. 

Tri-State Actors Theater needs to raise $50,000 from Individual Donors in order to sustain our Season, since the sale of tickets pays for only 40% of the cost of each production.  If 1,000 people donated just $50.00 each to our shared love of theater and art, Tri-State would be able to meet the funding requirements for its season, enabling us to continue bringing  theater to life for those in the Tri State area.

Any donation is appreciated and goes right into our programs, bringing our love of theater to our actors, students, families, and community.

Your generous contributions to Tri-State Actors Theater support:

  • the salaries of our professional actors and staff.
  • the cost of letting everyone know about Tri-State and our
  • the costs of our Intern training program for young performers.
  • the costs of our matinees for Schools program.
  • the costs of of our acting classes for young people.
  • the costs of the materials we use to construct the scenery.
  • the costs of the lighting and sound equipment.
  •  the cost of musical scores and the rights to plays.
  • and insurance, fees, and many other costs.

Thank you for your good thoughts, and for your contributions.

Donations may be made by calling 973-383-0510, or mailing donations to:
Tri-State Actors Theater, P.O. Box 6, Newton, NJ 07860.
All donations are tax-deductible in the USA.

Individual donations are from our own region and show to others that our constituents support Tri-State Actors Theater. For example, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts base their grants in part on the support we receive from our individual donors.  The value of the individual donation, therefore, multiplies through its influence on other donors.

*A 501-C-3 Nonprofit arts organization registered in the State of New Jersey–( NJ Charities #: CH21034300 )