Summer Theater Camp

Every summer, Tri-State offers youngsters ages 6-12 a fun theatre camp of one-week as an introduction to the wonderful world of Theatre.  The camp is planned so each child gets individual attention and guidance from our camp leader, Patricia Meacham long experienced in theater and teaching of young people. Children play theatre games geared to their age, learn how to improvise, make masks and other theatre related things, create puppets and puppet shows, act in camper created plays and have fun while learning by doing. (registration fee: $200.00 


The Intern Training Program, a high falutin’ name for our Youth Acting Company, is the foundation of our theater. Every summer, we audition young people throughout the tri-state region who want to  become professionals, or just perform in a good show, or want to be involved in a great summer activity and meet lots of new friends and acquaintances–all good reasons for joining Tri-State in the summer. First we audition every young person who wants to audition, then we select our company from those auditions–usually 15 – 20 participants ages 13-18. The audition process starts when a prospective actor comes to the audition, often accompanied by parents at a designated place–this year at Sussex County Community College Student Center. At the audition, the actor will meet the director and be interviewed about his or her reasons for auditioning and things related to theater. The audition usually lasts about a half an hour, reading dialogue from the chosen play–this season, (Announced Soon!)– followed by a brief singing session.  The actor and the director will end the audition with a conversation, often including the parents, about commitment to the Intern program.  The Actor will be notified within about two weeks if he or she is accepted into the summer program.

2014-15 Youth Acting Company perform  THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE

2014-15 Youth Acting Company perform

The entire program involves three weeks of rehearsals and training and two weeks of performances. All participants must be available for all rehearsals and performances. During the rehearsal/training period our acting company will be called for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week (Mon-Fri.)  During this period the company will learn all about theater and ensemble performance by DOING IT. All will work and train with a professional director, choreographer, and music director. By the end of the first 3 weeks, the company will be ready to perform for large audiences for the next two weeks of 10 performances. Our performance schedule is Wednesday through Saturday, usually at 11AM, except for Fridays, when we add a 7pm performance and Saturday when we perform at 2PM only. The summer’s program runs from July 8 through August 10.  Actors’ weekends during the rehearsal period are free and there are no Sunday performances during the performance period. (registration fee: $200.)

Any one seeking to know more about our Intern Program is invited to examine the  frequently asked questions below.

1. What does an intern do at Tri-State Actors Theater?

As a member of the Intern Company, you will be expected to:

  • Train and perform as an actor-singer-dancer
  • Select, train and work in one or more of these areas
    - Box Office management
    - Public Relations
    - Company Management
    - Costume design
    - Lighting design
    - Sound design
    - Set design
    - Properties design
  • Learn to successfully execute “Front-of House” duties and responsibilities
  • Publicize and promote all aspects of Tri-State Actors Theater
  • Learn how to collaborate and practice collaboration with all the theater staff and artists
  • Learn the importance of and foster audience development

2. How can I become an intern at TAT?
Actors Theater holds annual auditions, usually in May and June, for new members of our Intern Company. Any young person between the ages of 13-18 may take part in these auditions. It is also possible to be considered for the company through recommendations; however, all prospective interns must go through the audition process.

3. What is required of me during an intern audition?

  • The aspiring performer who is auditioning for the Intern Company may do some or all of the following:
  • Be interviewed by the artistic director or another member of the Professional Staff
  • Perform either a prepared song or a song selected by the TAT staff
    - (Musical accompaniment will be furnished.)
  • Learn and perform several movements or dance steps prepared by the TAT choreographer
  • Prepare and act a monologue or dialogue scene selected by the director or artistic staff
  • Improvise characters, situations, and scenes selected by the director or artistic staff

4. How can I learn about the times and places of TAT intern auditions?
Auditons for the Intern Company will be held at specific locations throughout Sussex County on Saturdays in May and June. Locations & times of auditions are posted on our web site and are announced in newspapers and on Facebook (“Tri-State Actors”. or “Tri-State Actors Theater’) Flyers are sent to many area schools, and posters are placed in neighborhood stores and public areas to inform the public of auditions. In addition, radio and TV cable public service announcements are made at the time of auditions. Failing everything else, a prospective intern may check our web page and/or Tri-State for the latest info. Our regular mailing address is:

Tri-State Youth Acting Company
P.O. Box 9
Newtron, NJ 07860

5. If I am offered a position as an intern with Tri-State Actors Theater, may I accept it without my parents’ permission?
If you are offered an internship with TAT, and you are 18 years of age or older, you do not need your parents’ permission. If you are younger than 18; however, it is absolutely essential that your parents give you written permission to join the Intern Company.

6. As an intern, what is my obligation to TRI-STATE ACTORS THEATER?
Your obligation to TAT is spelled out in a Letter-of-Agreement (CLICK FOR SAMPLE) which you must sign (The LOA must also be signed by your parents, if you are under 18, giving you permission to join the company), thus accepting TAT’s terms of internship. LOA’s contain references to transportation, meals, daily and weekly schedules, punctuality at rehearsals and performances, duties and responsibilities for productions, crew assignments, and much more. The LOA should be read carefully by you and (when appropriate) your parents, so that you will be fully aware of your commitment to TAT. Individuals who accept an intern position with TAT are expected to remain with the Company from the beginning of the internship to the end of the intern season. (Approximately 5-6 weeks)  The Internship is not contingent upon the performing schedule of the Intern production, but upon the intern’s TOTAL commitment to TAT.

7. Will I know what roles I will be playing when I accept my internship?
You are accepting an internship (a) based on TAT’s philosophy of artistic collaboration (working in an “ensemble”with other theater artists) and (b) to learn practical theater art through apprenticeship. Thus, when you join the Intern Company, you may or may not know the roles you will be assigned during the season. Many of the intern roles are cast only after the artistic director and other professional staff have had an opportunity to work with the interns.

8. Is the Intern Company open to everyone?
The TAT Youth Intern Company is generally open to anyone 13 – 18 years of age, who demonstrates potential talent, is willing to learn and work hard to achieve the highest possible artistic standards in theater. We absolutely deplore racial, religious, sexual or other forms of discrimination.

9. Is there a registration fee for interns?
The fee for joining the Intern Training Program is currently $200.00 (subject to change without notice). We offer a limited amount of financial aid to intern candidates who are unable to pay this fee when joining the Intern Company. If you need help or an extension, please tell us rather than withdrawing because of lack of funds.

10. Could I ever become a full-fledged member of the Professional Company at TAT?
Several of our interns have become journeymen actors, and then moved up to full status as a member of the Professional Company.