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WINNIE the POOH, the Musical

Theatre for Children and Families--Director Paul Meacham; Stage Manager Cassie Towell; Costumes Patricia Meacham/Carmen RohdeCAST: JIMMY BLONDINA...Christopher Robin/ Young Rabbit; ALEXA CARCHIA...Young Rabbit; JUSTINE DIGNARDI...Eeyore; RAYMOND DIGNARDI...Roo/Young Rabbit; AVA ENOCH...Winnie the Pooh; LAUREN LAYFIELD...Faher Rabbit; BRIANNE MAHANEY...Kanga; MEAGHAN MAHANEY...Young Skunk/Piglet(US) ; MADI O'SHEA...Piglet; ALEX SOULES...owl.


Photos from THE 39 STEPS, presented at the PAC, February-March, 2013. Cast: Richard Hannay: Mark Irish; AnnaBella Schmidt, Margaret, Pamela: Patricia Durante; Clown 1(40+ parts): Matthew Ackland; Clown 2(40+parts): Daniel Mian.

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An Album of Holiday Photos from Tri-State's 2012 production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, our 8th annual celebration of Christmas!CAST: Jacqueline Holloway; David Meyers; Lauren DeVore; Nicholas Wilder; Paul Meacham; & Daniel Mian.