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Wheres my prop--?
The lights come up on David, but his most important prop, the CHRISTMAS CAROL BOOK, is missing !--and he's caught on his hands and knees in full stage light in front of a curious audience!
The Stage manager calls PLACES!
The actors are late to their perfosrmance of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and the acdtor who plays Scrooge is missing! The Stage Manager has just called PLACES!--What can they do!!!???
The actors argue over who will carry on as Scrooge while he is missing!
Paul, who plays Scrooge is no where to be found as the show begins. Jacqueline has to fight off David as she tries to carry on with the play--wll it be a disaster!!??? Lauren looks on in horror--
Fred gives Bob Cratchit a CHRISTMAS apple.
Scrooge's nephew Fred flees from his uncle's office but not before wishing Bob Cratchit a Merry Christmas and giving him an apple. Scrooge hollers "Good Afternoon!!!"
Scrooge drives the Gentleman & Lady of Charity away--
The gentleman and gentlewoman of charity are horrified by Scrooges refusal and animosity toward helping poor people.
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Home » Past Seasons » 2012-2013 » 2012-2013 » A CHRISTMAS CAROL--2012


An Album of Holiday Photos from Tri-State's 2012 production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, our 8th annual celebration of Christmas!CAST: Jacqueline Holloway; David Meyers; Lauren DeVore; Nicholas Wilder; Paul Meacham; & Daniel Mian.