Fundraisers At Tri-State Actors Theater

Turn your ordinary theatre party into a fundraising event. TAT will host a successful one.

  • Look over the schedule.
  • Decide which show will appeal to your constituency.
  • Call us to discuss possible dates.
  • Reserve a block of discount tickets for that performance. (A 25% deposit will hold your seats).
  • Determine the re-sale price you will charge for your tickets ($30.00-$50.00 is the going rate).
  • Create promotional materials. We’ll help you!

Upon receiving your payment, our box office mails the tickets to you right away so there is plenty of time to distribute them.

Generally, planning for an event begins at least 2 months prior to your performance date. The average lead time is 3 months. The earlier you begin, the more selection you have.

Contact us today to get started!