The dashboard also allows you to see how YOU IMPACT THE NUMBERS! The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19… Northville Public Schools said that there have been a few probable or confirmed cases of COVID-19 linked to parties outside of school. – The Northville Public Schools district did not have enough bus drivers available Monday morning due to COVID-19 exposure that has drivers quarantining. The Wayne County Public Health Division has reviewed and approved Northville Public Schools’ COVID-19 Mitigation Plan for each of our current in-person instruction scenarios. COVID-19 Dashboard: Northville Township The Board of Trustees is pleased to introduce this new dashboard to keep you informed about the number of current COVID cases in Northville Township . On Monday, the district met to discuss the future of in-person learning. Northville School Board president under fire for downplaying coronavirus on social media. More than 75 Northville Public Schools students are under quarantine after they were exposed to COVID-19 through off-campus gatherings, the district announced. Northville Public School Board President Matthew Wilk’s Facebook page is getting a lot of attention after he suggested the coronavirus is a hoax. The Northville School Board's brush with controversy regarding COVID-19 served as a microcosm for how communities around the country are approaching the response to … The president of the Northville school board has outraged parents and teachers for social media remarks downplaying the Covid pandemic SUBSCRIBE NOW $39 for one year. NORTHVILLE, Mich. – Northville Public Schools has worked with a hybrid school year with students learning in person. NORTHVILLE, Mich. (FOX 2) - The coronavirus impacted Northville Public Schools district bus service Monday. Superintendent Mary Kay Gallagher, Northville Public Schools Coronavirus in Michigan. Northville Public Schools was forced to cancel all non-special education busing Monday due to a positive COVID-19 case within the district's transportation operations office, the district reported.

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