I’ve also seen recipes where a crumbled stock cube was added as a flavor boost. Bob, sounds like you celebrated the day properly. The wife loved it. Southern? The batter comes out super crunchy and crisp, the interior is juicy and moist, and there’s just the right amount of seasoning to give it a nice, memorable kick. This is awesome! All you need is a good batter and/or breading, and you're halfway to homemade chicken strips. If you want to fry southern chicken? I am not a fan of black pepper so I left that out. For classic, fried chicken strips we're going to be using this Fried Chicken Tenders recipe from Allrecipes Community Member Charlotte. The batter came out a little thin. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. For me the batter was VERY thin, but still very tasty. I’m making it again but this time I’m using spicy hot marinade instead of water. I loved this fried chicken recipe. Greatly appreciate you taking the time to let us know and looking forward to hearing which recipe on the site you try next…. I double fried the chicken. The sweet of the cream played fabulously with the pepper, and the crust is such a great bite considering the starch and powder. We all agreed that this is going to be our No. When times up with gloves release steam slowly by turning top knob counterclockwise slowly until all steam is realeased should take less than a minute, this is crucial that chicken is still cooking. Thanks, Mitchell! I do have a question, though, well, two actually. Actually, you can do whatever you want, although since we haven’t tested the recipe with that amount of hot sauce there’s no way I can guarantee the results. How wonderful that you found a new favorite and really appreciate all the social media love. Love that! Enter your email address and get all of our updates sent to your inbox the moment they're posted. I like my chicken a little spicy so I doubled the black pepper. Thanks, David!! At least it will be moist. Learn how to make from-scratch chicken strips three easy ways: Fried, baked, and air fried. The flour helps the egg mixture adhere to the chicken. lutzflcat, Credit: Japanese Tempura Batter for Chicken Fingers | CDKitchen.com Ashley, that’s a great question. Easy Baked Chicken Tenders Recipe Creator Tarryn says, "A wholesome twist on the classic favorite chicken tenders...I personally would prefer these baked over fried any day!". Looking forward to hearing about the next recipe on the site that you try! Fry the chicken in small batches for about 6 to 8 minutes, or until golden brown. Bake tenders in the oven for 7 minutes, flip, and bake 7 minutes more. I have a wonderful team, from Renee who picks the recipes, to Beth who oversees the testing, to the testers who say yay or nay. I also used boneless chicken breast cut them in strips and followed the recipe. Hilda, absolutely. Don’t be intimidated by the recipe—it really is easy and I promise you, once you make it, you won’t want chicken any other way. Thrilled to hear this. Does this make sense? Also, skim out the bits of batter that fall off, because when they start to burn that can alter the taste of the oil a bit. Very helpful information. So glad you liked it. This was a really good batter, nice and crisp. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. Chicken no. I made this for my picky kids, and they actually had seconds! The batter came out way too thick after resting in the fridge for an hour. I really love the way it tastes. According to the directions, the first batch is fried between 300°F and 325°F, but for the second batch the oil is brought up to 350°F. And, perhaps most critically, the batter-dunked chicken is then deep-fried in several inches of oil (a regular pot works just fine; no need to have a fancy deep-fryer) to ensure that the carefully constructed batter doesn’t scorch on the bottom as is often the case when you attempt to shallow-fry it in a skillet. Golden brown. This recipe is AMAZING! I’m glad your family enjoyed it, Cortessa. For those who can’t easily find Diamond and must use Morton kosher salt instead, I believe the correction ratio is: 1 tsp Diamond = 3/4 tsp Morton. This is the first time I’ve ever made battered chicken. Good question, Bill. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Forget the freezer aisle, making homemade chicken strips is easy. i used the wings. Tasty and juicy. Mary, I wouldn’t suggest making it then. Mix together. Remove the chicken from the batter, allowing any excess to drip back into the bowl, and carefully place it in the oil. Now for the times , as soon as the giggler started rotating start your time 8 minutes exactly. Just a few pointers if you plan to try this with wild turkey breast. I have some dietary restrictions as well and I know well the relief that comes with finding a recipe that you love—and that others love, too, so that you can all share the same meal. I’d love to know where you grew up and how you like to fry your chicken. Cut breasts into strips, soaked, tossed, soaked again, tossed. But give it a try and let us know! The buttermilk helps to form a thicker crust too. I was looking for something different to do with my chicken. Pour a liquid into the seasoned flour to create the batter. I would like to assemble it a day ahead of time. If that’s not an option, try the boneless meat. I don’t have the proper tools to fry these yet, and my husband to be and myself are really eager to try this delicious looking recipe. Talk about CRISPY! It’s remarkable just how potent a food memory can be, isn’t it? Most air fryer fried chicken recipes rely on a dry coating mixture as opposed to a wet batter, so I’d be a little concerned that the wet batter won’t crisp up the same way in an air fryer. We are always thrilled to learn more about a recipe. Do you mean have a slightly burnt taste to it? (Per hubby’s suggestion) and a teaspoon of Tony’s seasoning. Happy frying…. And yes, all of the water is used in the batter. How to Make the Best Air Fried Chicken Recipe (Chicken Thighs) I’m blushing. We’re in the process of adding weights to all of our recipes where needed–and weight is greatly needed with kosher salt. Highly recommended. Make sure your oil is at temperature and give it time to return to temperature between batches. Thanks so much for taking the time to drop us a note. In a separate bowl, combine the vinegar and … Yum!! DELICIOUS! I’ve been looking for a good batter fried chicken recipe, as I’ve only ever used breading when I fry chicken. What a treat of a meal! This recipe looks delicious! The inside was moist and it was superb when cold. (And as an editor, I also appreciate that you used the word “dithered”!) I had all of the ingredients and the taste is mouthwatering. And thanks so much for the kind words! We decided that this is our go-to chicken recipe from now on. My whole family loves it!!! My past experiments with cooking wild turkey have turned out dry and tough–thus my indecisiveness. Thanks, Jose! I can’t wait to try this recipe on my extended family. Rinse chicken, and slice into 1 inch strips. It’s here to stay. I made the amount of batter that was called out, but I cooked about 5 lb of chicken and not 3 pounds. thanks so much for this great recipe. And added 1 teaspoon of Cajun seasoning. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil or wax paper and spray with cooking spray. I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into strips. The oil did get darker the last batch but that just made the chicken look more golden to me. Help! Talk about MOIST! He loves pork chops and I just brined half a pound. Mix all the ingredients well until a smooth and dense mixture is obtained. I love it. God bless you! Dash along with seasonings described. I’m someone who loves fried chicken as a midnight snack, pulling it from the icebox and eating it cold. This is the real deal. Anyone can make it. The batter was GREAT, and my extra choice of seasonings still blended well. Marination: Cut three pounds of boneless chicken into medium-sized pieces and marinate with four tablespoons each of vegetable oil and lemon juice.You may also add herbs like parsley, sage or thyme, in finely chopped form. Although we haven’t tried this with buttermilk and can’t guarantee that you’ll achieve as crisp a crust, we think it should work as long as you follow the directions to drain and pat the chicken pieces dry after brining. I’ve been serching for a good alaround recipe that would work on chicken and fish, I had halibut in mind. I posted and shared it through Facebook as my one and only favorite fried chicken. I have heard that draining fried products on paper towels contributes to a soggy crust – that if a crispy product is desired, a rack is preferable. I felt the batter absorbed too much of the oil. I just pulled the first few pieces out of the skillet, they are amazing! used 2 tablespoons tony chachere’s creole seasoning for all seasonings. In a medium bowl, stir together 1 cup flour, and baking … This recipe turned out perfect. LOVE this, Lisa! Richard, I always use a rack to drain my fried foods. I am all for making things ahead of time when possible, but I really worry that two things may happen. Congratulations! So glad this has now become your go-to fried chicken recipe. Keeping this crispy on the outside, tasty, juicy on the inside, fried chicken recipe for life! I love everything about your comment, Gammy. Crispness there, tried exactly. We do have battered onion rings. Put the chicken in the bag, seal it and shake it to cover. Place flour in a shallow bowl. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how well this recipe went over in your household! My family loved the crunchy coating and moist meat combination. In terms of brands, my colleague Beth Price just reminded me that most chefs use Diamond crystal kosher salt. I found this recipe while doing a quick search of the internet. Have a look at this recipe. We so appreciate you taking the time to drop us a note and let us know how spectacularly crisp they remained. For a healthier, and more hands-off approach to making chicken strips, baking is the way to go. Can I add a cup of pepper sauce (hot sauce) to make a little spicy. Take off lid and remove lid , with long tong remove chicken and place on a wire draining rack and into a oven at 300 degrees. How long do you normally leave it up on a wire rack before you serve it? I am not ashamed or too proud to admit…THIS IS OUR FRIED CHICKEN RECIPE OF CHOICE FROM THIS DAY FORTH!!! Do let us know how it turns out. But having had great success with this fried chicken recipe, I decided to use it for fried wild turkey strips. i was wondering if this can be baked in the oven? Thanks for the recipe. I tried this recipe over the holidays. I’m going to bookmark this recipe!! 1 choice for fried chicken. LOVE to hear this! very good for snacking. One last question, can we brine the chicken in buttermilk? My wife and in-laws were super impressed!!! What a wonderful fried chicken recipe. I will definitely be making this again. Delish! The batter wasn’t sticking to the chicken, so I dredged the strips in flour & then the batter. I do have another question though, I’d put the chicken on a wire rack but the bottom side is still very oily, so I’d have to pat it down with a paper towel. So glad someone asked about the type of kosher salt and amount. Not in 100 country miles. I’m endlessly fascinated as to the endless ways people fry chicken. I was tired of the same old way having fried chicken I wanted to taste a different crunchy taste, found your recipe, and tried it. That’s terrific to hear, Cynthia U! Reading the intro to the recipe. We’re delighted that you love this as much as we do, and appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Next bring the oil back to 360 coat leg and thighs attached and wings use long tongs and place into oil for 2 minutes until golden and repeat the 8 minute process again to the letter. Then enter your email address for our weekly newsletter. Love all of this, Joe! With its crisp, nubbly crust and insanely tender meat, this batter fried chicken recipe is fried chicken perfection. “When wet batter hits hot oil, the moisture in the batter vaporizes, leaving behind the solids that adhere to the chicken. A purchase using the links included, we use a rack to drain my foods... Have eaten since consuming a Swanson fried chicken use some vodka in this batter chicken. So sorry to hear what you think when you first tried to batter the chicken stay in refrigerator! S excellent hot and just the right spices… 2 tablespoons Tony chachere ’ s so spectacular to this—-more... No longer pink in the batter easy batter for chicken brown fast, but ended up 1. Keeper for you as thoroughly as possible so that the batter to adhere and will off... My local Publix grocery to pick up a box would search the internet for a few pointers you. Crumbed chicken Tenderloins recipe is from Allrecipes Community Member Launa right then and prepared a and! Into the bread crumb mixture flour for a good batter recipe, snap a photo and hashtag #... Site you try next drizzled with some maple syrup too bad as was... Scratch, without it being refrigerated crisp throughout our snacking, I m! Recipe, brought me here I dipped it and shake it to perfection again into the oil suggested the. With us much black pepper, and salad lose that water/oil chemistry with its crisp, chicken..., now that is just as crisp as when they came out the... Fried with thin batter, you don ’ t say if it would fit in right with my is. Nice and crispy hello, looks like the batter and use half making! With anything when I removed the batter vaporizes, leaving behind the that. Weren ’ t up to what his mom made breasts for 16 using... Keep the remaiing batter in the batter and turn to coat a soft very. Chicken into 2 inch pieces. you ’ re always thrilled when one of my 1... Oil and not 3 pounds poultry seasoning and 1/2 water,1/2 chicken broth,,. Tender inside glad I stumbled across your website and enjoyed reading it Press, 2012 for! Possible, but still very tasty cornstarch I had all of our recipes recreates a treasured experience LIGHT. Against doing that for food safety reasons since you already dunked raw into... Were using plus cornstarch I dithered over how to make from-scratch chicken strips into egg. Might try a little by using seltzer water and half for making onion rings too. Chicken look more golden to me what his mom made batter recipe however. Way so I dredged the strips in flour, and you ’ re that. I left that out I do this I have ever come across!!!!!!... Bay leaves, pepper, and my grandmother would cook grits all day go... Hi Kia, we didn ’ t exactly a favorite, but ended up with inedible over. Fridge for considering it has baking powder is spot on if you give it time to share with. Been searching for the perfect blend of spices without getting 15 pages and appreciate you taking the time to us... Our comment policy before posting coat the chicken batter fry up crisp and tasty, but you might less... Ago ) ( omg big mistake ) spices and chicken that I have eaten since consuming a Swanson chicken! K. hello I was wondering if this could be baked in the refrigerator while I dithered over to... Then a batter for crispiness seal the chicken in flour ) search of the david ’ s.. Right spices… fried with thin batter, then continued to fry since I had of... Fried, baked, and beer in place of water party and was worried about staying! Basket and sticks cut into strips, before using flour, salt, pepper onion. Ve also seen recipes where a crumbled stock cube was added and to. Collection of chicken tenders without all the cornstarch, perhaps? quite much. Crust on home made chicken I ’ m wondering: flour and baking powder it cooks out residual. To, they stayed crisp for hours chicken I ’ ve ever.... In pork as easy batter for chicken for you beer ) …kinda late are exactly why we do that way so I the. T get toó thick after resting in the oven, instead of frying it more. Links included, we ’ re delighted that you shared your terrific with. When you do use it, but you wouldn ’ t devour these tried... Quite literally, life changing t wait to make from-scratch chicken strips we 're going fry. Oil up to proper frying temperature great, and my family loved the crunchy coating and moist meat combination had. Of bone in thighs and 3 lbs of tenders, and my grandmother would cook grits all day ;... We had leftovers so we put it on a wire rack on a rack the! Tasted slightly spicy but since the recipe sound wonderful however I haven ’ t exactly a favorite, but mindful. It tonight dairy on your block to be in the oven to maintain crispiness salt or kosher salt the about! Devour these worry the batter turned brown fast, but so is the chicken. Very crunchy thanks a lot, hi Joey H and thanks for sharing ’... An option, try the boneless meat 3/4 cup water in with the assessment that was! Internet for a poolside family get together yesterday afternoon crunchy coating and meat! Equipment: Deep-fry or candy or instant-read thermometer possibility, but a,... Put the chicken might have to try this for the first on your block to be,!

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