How can I get my fluorescent light fixtures to work with an occupancy sensor? With the old switch … Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Fix blinking LEDs with a motion sensor (when off). Dave. Dimmer Sensor. How do I find complex values that satisfy multiple inequalities? Ask Question Asked 1 year, 10 months ago. 99 (CDN$ 24.00/Motion Sensor Switch) Get it by Tomorrow, Jan 5. Decora Motion Sensor In-Wall Switch, Auto-On, 2.5 A, Single Pole, White Lower electrical costs and add convenience Lower electrical costs and add convenience to everyday living by replacing standard switches with occupancy sensors. How to wire 2 way light switch, in this video we explain how two way switching works to connect a light fitting which is controlled with two light switches. There are adjustment screws underneath the small panel under the motion/light sensor on the unit that are supposed to adjust with a Phillips head screwdriver when turned. Dave, Concerning wiring 2 PIR-2ES sensors to one light. Light Switch Wiring Tom. Tools Required: Basic Hand Tools and Safe Ladder. At least that's been my experience. The basic scenario is, I have a traditional 3-way circuit that spans a long hallway. However, it seems that the one switch controls both lights BUT each of these lights is controlled by a separate PIR Motion Detector (Like this, perhaps If these devices ARE controlling each light separately, there is no way in which they could get "out of sync". I now have them wired in parallel… Both reds together. Any advice? Is there a word for an option within an option? I have a switch inside my house which feeds power to two fixtures on opposite corners outside. Thanks for your electrical wiring question Ron. Hi Tom, May I find a diagram that shows exactly how the wiring should be accomplished? If they work individually, I'd further bench test that they DON'T work with both on the same circuit. If you desire to have the switch control a non sensor type light fixture then a non-switched power source will have to be installed to the sensor light fixtures. However if the switch box only has wiring for switching only, and the neutral wire of the circuit is not present then providing circuit power for additional light fixtures is not possible. Why is 2 special? Re: Your reply of 22 Dec concerning wiring two outside motion lights to one switch Can I run a pig tail off of an existing switch for a porch light so that I can install two motion sensors outside, but I need to also have a switch for these two lights so that they have their own independent on an off switch. 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,793. Estimated Time: Depends on personal experience, the light fixture and access to the light fixture. I installed LED motion sensor fixtures which have their own sensors and lights but they have never worked properly. Leave the motion detector wall switch off for one second. We planned on getting this done in advance of Christmas and now will have to wait until after first of year. I have installed a bunch of these purchased at big box stores that just didn't work, replaced them with better quality brands and had no trouble. Wiring a Light Switch – Diagram 1 Best Budget: LITOM Original Solar Lights. Hands-free lighting and fans. Retrofit motion sensor to multiple switch, multiple fixture floodlights. The other way to wire multiple lights to one switch is to connect all of them directly to the switch in a "home run" configuration. Whether it's for security, convenience or a way to be hospitable to unexpected visitors, a motion sensor wired to a light will brighten up the approach to your house when guests or intruders come in range. Are there fixtures available that support this arrangement? Yes, A motion sensor light may be wired directly to an unswitched power source which will enable it to operate independently. Basically, a three way switch for motion … bcmwl-kernel-source broken on kernel: 5.8.0-34-generic. I believe there is a setup that will have the components you need to have two motion detectors control one light. One is an overhead fixture, the other is a dbl spot light. Replace one of the 3way switch to sensor switch in the hallway, Add motion sensor and timer so either can turn on front lights. They have the feature where if you turn them off and on with X seconds they should remain on but this never works. Notice: Replacement parts for the light fixture should be compatible with the type of lamps that have been installed. It is not feasible to wire from the existing light so, the wiring would have to be from the switch. Step 2: Check your motion sensor lights. There is onr switch in the garage and one switch inside the house. Is there a limit to how much spacetime can be curved? Please help Lighted Staircase and Driveway Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Wiring two PIR-2ES sensors to one light. wire stripper used to strip off plastic insulation. Why don't unexpandable active characters work in \csname...\endcsname? Thank you for sharing your question about wiring motion lights, This can be extended to additional lights if required. In order to have more than one motion sensor or motion detector turn on the same group of lights it is necessary to wire the motion sensors in parallel with each other, in the same manner as the lights are wired. I hope this helps, 3.4 out of 5 stars 34. Perfect for spaces you walk through with full hands, and high-traffic areas. Can someone Furnish a picture/diagram of how the final product might look? I receive Very Few expressions of Thanks of any kind such as yours after helping people with their electrical projects – for Free too, imagine that! Hi Rob, Step 1: Turn off the circuit breaker that controls your motion sensor lights. The three Earth wires are connected together in a terminal block. rev 2021.1.7.38271, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Home Improvement Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. TOPGREENER in-Wall PIR Motion Sensor Light Switch, Occupancy Sensor Switch, On/Off Override, 500W, Single Pole, Neutral Wire Required, TSOS5-W, White, 2 Pack, UL Listed. As it is now It only lights from 1 end. Switch on the interior light switch which control the light fixture if there is one. Turn off power at the main fuse box. Wiring a Switch for Two Outside Motion Lights How to Wire Two Outside Motion Security Light Fixtures: The Most Common Wiring Connections for Two Outdoor Light Fixture. Installing motion detector lighting fixtures provide security and energy savings and they can easily replace an existing exterior wall fixture. Electrical Question: What is the correct wiring when adding a second outside motion light to an existing switch? I am determined to run those two PIR-2ES sensors to one lamp!! Or does it have to be within the DHCP servers (or routers) defined subnet? Motion Sensor Light Switch, 2 in 1 in-Wall Ordinary On/Off and Infrared PIR Switch for Stairs Corridor Kitchen. Walk in front of the motion detector and check that the light comes on. Go touchless with Lutron motion sensors. The three Neutral wires are connected together i… At present, I only have one motion sensor, so couldn't test with two sensors. Precaution: Identify the light fixture circuit, turn it OFF and Tag it with a Note before working with the wiring. Flip off the main power breaker so that there is no electricity … What do this numbers on my guitar music sheet mean, Comparing method of differentiation in variational quantum circuit, Seeking a study claiming that a successful coup d’etat only requires a small percentage of the population. God Bless You, and Merry Christmas to You and Your Family! Most Versatile Motion Sensor Switch. Tags: Motion Sensor Outdoor lighting If they don't, you can return them and get something better without wasting a lot of time. Check into this and let me know what you find. Multiple motion sensor lights on one switch. I would like to add a motion sensor to this circuit, preferably keeping both original switches (such that the sensor would turn the light on regardless of the state of the switches). A motion sensor is a switch that turns on your outdoor porch light or shed floodlight when it detects an appropriate change in the surroundings. Perhaps others will catch on. Before I went to too much trouble with these, I'd remove them and bench test them - wire them up (carefully of course) on a test bench and see if they work as they are supposed to one at a time. If you need to install a number of motion … I don't understand how the light would operate with the switch "open". Tom….. Hi Tom, The black wires going to the motion light fixtures need to join together, but not on the switch, instead splice the two wires after the switch. I understand if I lost power, I might very well have to go through the procedure of programming the sensors again. Does not work!! Sensor lights are designed to work independently of each other and require a constant supply of power that is on all the time to function properly. If it is, it's probably more trouble to rearrange your wiring on separate circuits than it is to just replace them with better lights that don't have that restriction. We want to have all 4 light fixtures come on at dusk etc. Originally Posted by Stratmando. I understand now that that configuration is likely to ‘confuse’ the sensors and you may well end up with one sensor in one mode and the other sensor in another mode. I do see a red light at times on the spot light, but it doesn't light up. The switch also controls overhead front porch light that stays on all time. 99 ($13.50/Motion Sensor Switch) This electrical wiring project is best performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor or Certified Electrician. I can honestly say that I am Truly Grateful for people like you, who are the Exception, and a Fine Example. Dave. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. The motion sensor light that I have is a simple twin head security light with a motion sensor in the middle of the fixture that can be unscrewed, thereby accessing the wiring. This now does not work. The cable marked Supply is connected to the consumer unit or some other source of power such as a fused connection unit or plug. You only need a black and white from switch to all lights and motions, The kights only connect to the red and a white, The black will pass through any light fixtures and will only connect to both motions black, Thr red connects to all motion reds, and lights black wire. Hi Khabib, Do we need to call an electrician? Can I wire my outdoor motion sensor lights directly to a hot wire bypassing the wall switch which controls porch light? If we need to get more complicated and create a special application I can describe how I wired a very unique setup where multiple motion detectors controlled a lighted staircase and a driveway. Interesting Fact: To wire this circuit in this manner, you will need to run a #14/3 between the two light boxes. Is it possible to wire more than one (probably two) motion detectors to one light? Installing Motion Detector Light Fixtures You can do this light switch wiring in one of two ways. Dave’s Reply: I hope this helps, The sensors should not be wired to each other directly or in parallel. Use in spaces with one or more switches like hallways, garages, or bathrooms. Once either or both of them is on, and event will be produced when the last of the two turns off (5 minutes after the last motion in this case), which will turn off the light. They are not close to each other. The most common is to daisy-chain the light fixtures by connecting them to each other and hooking the first one up to the switch. I'd think if you wire 2 motion detectors in parallel (Black-black, red-red, and white-white) then used the switched output (red) and neutral (white) to power the light it would work as I described. Can multiple 2-way occupancy motion sensor switches be used together? Is wiring a motion sensor switch with 18 AWG wire on a 20 amp circuit innapprorpiate? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. It only takes a minute to sign up. Turn the wall switch back on. Read through the directions from the manufacturer to check if there are any instructions about sensitivity or angular adjustment for the motion sensor. The electrician now ran two lines from the switch one to each motion detector. You can see this project here: The turn off function is only determined by the switch that turned on the light. Both sensors have been tested and work fine when wired separately, but when I wire the two sensors together, neither one works properly. Have installed 3 garage door exterior lights with light sensors.The previous lights would come off and on as long as switch by front door is on. I installed LED motion sensor fixtures which have their own sensors and lights but they have never worked properly. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. The other cable 'light' is connected to the light fitting. What causes dough made from coconut flour to not stick together? With this wiring configuration you would end up with 3 black wires: One black wire for the switch as the power source. Looking at the troubleshooting in the manual it actually says that multiple fixtures can't be on the same circuit. Hopefully, Alignment tab character inside a starred command within align. Most sensors for outdoor lights are tiny radar emitters, but some operate by detecting infrared radiation. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Strip the Black and White Wires. Timer device and Motion Sensor on same box? In other words they are saying a separate switch for each light. The black wires going to the motion light fixtures need to join together, but not on the switch, instead splice the two wires after the switch. How can there be a custom which creates Nosar? Can I assign any static IP address to a device on my network? It seems the problem can be solved by running a second power wire, thus having each sensor on a separate switch, which would allow you to program each sensor into the same mode by applying power to each switch separately and then turning on both switches once the sensors are programmed to the same mode. All blacks together and one black from power source to the two reds. Why is this and how can I work around this problem? To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Can I not accomplish the same thing by taking the fixture down and then apply power to only one sensor – get it in the automatic mode, remove power from that sensor and apply power to the other sensor and get it in automatic mode and replace the fixture with the sensors in parallel from the single power source? TOPGREENER in-Wall PIR Motion Sensor Light Switch, Occupancy Sensor Switch, On/Off Override, 4A, 500W, Single Pole, Neutral Wire Required, TSOS5-W, White, 2 Pack 4.5 out of 5 stars 946 $26.99 $ 26 . Viewed 3k times 0. Thanks for contributing an answer to Home Improvement Stack Exchange! Colleagues don't congratulate me or cheer me on, when I do good work? Unfortunately many or even most of the motion sensor lights on the market are junk. Motion Detector Fully explained pictures and wiring diagrams about wiring light switches describing the most common switches starting with photo diagram 1. The way to wire two or more motion detectors to control one or more outdoor light fixtures is to wire a control circuit where the motion detectors are connected to one control relay, and the control relay will turn on the light fixtures. Dave, Electrical Questions and Electrical Answers, Dangers of Warm Electrical Outlets and Aluminum Wiring. I am quite puzzled by the lack of gratitude found in our society today, it’s interesting to say the very least. Multiple motion sensor lights on one switch. all whites together. Turn off the power to the outside lighting circuit. These can be screw terminals or other types such as Wago connectors. For some models, resetting the breaker is … I know all the white wires have to be put together along with the grounds. An additional light switch may be wired at the switch box for an additional light fixture if the complete circuit wiring is present, for example a 120 volt circuit includes a hot, neutral, and a ground wire. Another option is to have each of your existing sensors control one light in the direction they are pointing, which would isolate the two sets and you would still have the light coverage where motion is detected. Shop The problem I am having is that if I set the detector to turn the light on for someone approaching the door, then when people exit the door it is dark, or vice versus. Room ideas: Entryway, Garage, Mudroom, Entry Bathroom Tom, The overhead light works, but the spot does not. Dave, One black wire for light #1. Get the lights just by walking into the room—simply replace light switches with hands-free motion sensors. Lights come on to favorite dimmed level when you enter bathroom, laundry room, and more. Is this a … Each of the motion sensors must be individually rated to handle the total power load of all of the lights that you … CDN$ 47.99 CDN$ 47. Active 1 year, 10 months ago. I have the same situation with one switch controlling a motion detector light and a day night. Thanks again…… As long as at least one motion sensor is detecting motion, the lights will remain on. With this wiring configuration you would end up with 3 black wires: One black wire for the switch as the power source. Dave, Dave, Turn off the wall switch that controls the motion detector flood lights. What I would suggest is to install one sensor that has at least a 240 degree sensing capability which will provide more coverage. Buy on Amazon. On the Other Hand: Do both black feeds to the lights go on the terminal together ? Be Safe, A light can be controlled with more than one motion sensor. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply, I really appreciate it! In fact it probably boils down to replacing them either way so maybe it doesn't even make sense to test, just find a high quality brand that works when installed on the same circuit and replace them. I hope this helps, I have two sensors that I would like to install on the side of the house – one aimed north and one aimed south. I am skeptical that that's really an issue. Rewiring the circuit isn't really an option as the switch is on the bottom floor and the fixtures are at the roofline. I didn’t set your head spinning! Very generous man you are to take time and effort to help someone out – especially with Christmas season upon us!!! This electrical question came from: Ron, a Homeowner from Allentown, Pennsylvania. MSCL-OP153M-WH. Hi Art, Tks Tom. This will allow you to connect the first light as you described above, and to run this additional light from the same switch by utilizing the red conductor in the 3-wire as the “switched” conductor, and the black wire as the continuous hot wire. I have a switch inside my house which feeds power to two fixtures on opposite corners outside. MS-OPS5MH-WH. Before we get involved in some rewiring, I would encourage you to look at the outdoor motion fixtures available at most big box hardware stores, and I will look into this as well. Installation instructions for each motion sensor light say there should be no other lights on the same circuit. Dimmer and sensor in one. Why is the in "posthumous" pronounced as (/tʃ/). Dave. Another black wire for light … Here again both units worked with one switch befor the new electrical wiring but now only the motion detecor works. You have read the instructions and read the solution - put them on different circuits. After installing the 3 new lights, the light sensors don’t function. How does Shutterstock keep getting my latest debit card number? The switch must be turned on and off. I have two motion sensor lights that run off of one switch. Wiring Two or More Motion Detectors and Light Fixtures. I would like to replace the lights on the outside of my garage with 2 motion sensor lights on the same circuit to the same switch that the old lights used. To prevent accidental injury from electric shock, … The 3-way is wired on the most usual method (a common and two travelers between switches). Thank you so much for such a prompt, friendly answer. Two additional connection terminals are needed at the switch - one for earth, one for neutral. Application: Security Light Fixture Wiring. Therefore the switch will need to be left on all the time, otherwise the on and off interruption of the power to the sensors will interrupt the operation of the sensor light fixtures. Theoretical/academical question - Is it possible to simulate, e.g., a (unicode) LuaTeX engine on an 8-bit Knuth TeX engine? Was there anything intrinsically inconsistent about Newton's universe? Help Me.. We also have an overhead light with a light sensor to install. I substituted the status of one of my few lights, and it worled as planned. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. Initially we purchased these light switches because they had adjustment controls for how long the light would stay on and how sensitive the unit would be to ambient light. What do cones have to do with quadratics? If there are two approaches to your home, or to the area you wish to illuminate, rig a pair of sensors to cover both approaches.

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