Best group Iv'e shot so far is 5rnds into just under 3/4" at 25 yards. 30. total bids. This device regenerates USB alerts for maximum facts transfer overall performance around yet another 5 metre distances. The safe and trigger feel like they are working ok but the trigger will not release. If you want to use them and don't want them to keep moving, find the spot where you are accurate with them, and place a drop of super glue on the adjustment screws. The rattling noise you can hear when shaking the Beeman RS2 is almost certainly the play in the cocking lever. I enjoyed your review. Got about 500 rounds through mine now. I like the gun. Power - The Sportsman Series RS2 is no pushover when it comes to power. Most of these have a strong family resemblance and a muzzle velocity specification of 1,000 fps in .177 caliber. and seat loosely or very tight. If the Crossman was 2" longer (the length of the Beeman) I would select the Crossman every day of the week. MSRP: $9.95. Pre-order. Domed pellets are the only ones which shoot that good. I shoot same hole groups at 20 yards no problem and can pluck birds off my back fence that is 65 yards now that i have taken the time to sight it in at 55 yards it shoots about 1" and a half groups at 65 yards with a heavier grain pellet IE "RWS Super Dome" just like any rifle that you would buy for this price i did have to lock tight the stock screws and really crank on the mount screws but after everything was rock solid it shot really well i recently adjusted the trigger that was a great help! My grandson has a .22 cal Beeman sportsman rs2 series rifle. Maybe i just got lucky but I'm not having any of the issues mentioned in this review. It seem like it has a strange dimension. Got mine at Wal mart, too, and have been really happy with it, and have bought another one, also, as well as the one in .22 cal only, with a muzzle brake. I have no problem at all hitting a small frying pan at 50+ yards with Crossman premier pellets.I don't expect a $100 walmart chinese air rifle to drive tacks.It does great for what it is. Probably fixable.The old Beeman R1 I have shoots lower FPS and is quieter, but shoots bench rest groups much better than the RS2. I use what is on the rifle and find those sights accurate and powerful. best air rifle, What does the 22 barrel take what kind of bullets. The trigger is beyond the worst I have ever seen. Beeman Sportsman RS2 Series Air Rifle And Scope: 3 Items. $250.00. I'm mainly looking at sub $200 break barrels. $182.75 New. in low light at about 20 yds. I've read this entire blog, and I will try and touch on many of the complaints that have been mentioned, as well as some of my own that I have encountered.First, price.. for what you get, I believe it is a good deal. I did put on a different scope on just a tasco 3-9x50. It shoots as well or better, and hits harder; 3/4" groups at 50 yards with C. hp premeirs. I am handicapped, thus the rifle is quite heavy for me. HAVE FUN WITH THEM ALL. I managed to get some decent groupings at about 50 feet occasionally. With that I will say Happy Trails for now and always, stay safe and shoot safe. However, with a little bit of time and patience, they are a very accurate and powerful air rifle. I am 65 years old ,Have been shooting since 9This gun is a total disappointment ! The air rifle is covered with a beautiful stock which looks quite pretty and giving the impression of an expensive air rifle. Dude, i love mine, had it for over a year. (the Chinese are notorious for NOT building to spec and crappy metallurgy) After several hundred pellets- re-tightening the barrel & scope rings its beginning to group better. Buy Online with safety transaction. But I find the greatest concern is that each pellet is hand loaded; there's no chute nor bolt that settles the pellet at an exact depth in the chamber. Meanwhile I compare my Beeman RS2 to my Crossman Shockwave (also mane in China). Vintage Beeman Sportsman 1000 Series .177 Caliber Scoped Air Rifle. I had it zeroed in less than ten min. Satisfaction Guarantee . Beeman Kodiak X2 Pellet Rifle With Case Nickel Barrel .177 and .22 Caliber 1077SC. Thanks for your comment as well as that other info! I too purchased a Beeman dual caliber air rifle. I find that 1000 fps is under rated, seems to be a bit higher. KEEP SHOOTING! Free shipping. Check out, that's where I buy my pellets. Only $549.99. Like any other cheaply made machine everything comes loose, and things need modifying. 4.7 out of 5 stars (6) Total Ratings 6, $114.95 New. Has anyone had experience or knowledge in disassembling a cocked rifle? SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Fits the Beeman Dual Caliber Air Rifle, Model 1073, Teton, Wolverine Carbine, Grizzly X2, Predator and SS1000. Beeman $329.60 $257.49 Replacement stock Fits Beeman R9 air rifles Beech Ambidextrous Monte Carlo buttstock Checkered pistol grip and forearm Rubber recoil pad Have you used your Beeman R9 air rifle so much that the stock is scratched, gouged or even cracked? So far I've only shot it 3 times because it's pretty loud and powerful (shooting in a residential back yard). I simply want to tell you that I'm new to blogging and honestly loved your web blog. you can forget getting a scope to work. The Beeman branded 3-9x32 scope and mounts, all come, as previously stated, as part of the package. Number: 1051 / UPC: 026785010515 . Post Feb 18, 2010 #1 2010-02-18T22:46. I have not encountered any of the problems that you mentioned; it IS great for racoons, possoms, etc; I have killed rabbits at 73 yards with the crosman premier pellets (HP). This comment has been removed by the author. Don't try to be so optimistic. Liked the all specs. or Best Offer. I have Gamo .177 rifles with work done to them, trigger jobs, mil dot scopes, seals, springs upgraded, I've always wanted a .22 so I got the Beeman. It would probably be more accurate that way. I'm told they all need a brake in period. It was the least expensive .22 pellet gun they stocked. Using.22 caliber pellets, this rifle is quite powerful for a 1000fps spring rifle. The Beeman 4 x 32 air rifle scope, has a full 4 power magnification; with bright and crisp optics, the hallmark of this model. Copyright © 1995-2021 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Something went wrong. Logged douglas george. Starting at $4.95. I've had my RS2 for over a year and am very happy. Beeman. I bought the Beeman Silver Kodiak X2 version at Walmart and I was equally unimpressed with certain features of the rifle, most namely the piece of garbage worthless 4×32 scope that presents a fuzzy DOUBLE image and cross-hairs that are double lines in both axis! With practice the results were impressive. 0 bids. The Crossman's Nitro system seems better, quieter and more solid than the Beeman's spring. However, typically I don't use a scope and have yet to try it...maybe one day. I have killed everything from mice, all the way up to adult beavers that were doing damage to our trees by our pond.The only complaint I have over the years of owning all of mine, is the rattle of the connecting bar connected to the cocking mechanism, and the front sight post being so large. Windage and elevation-adjustable with green fiber optic dots. With the exception of the scope I was impressed by the rifle's appearance and weight. Regards: best pellet rifle. Beeman 1022 Dual Caliber Air Rifle with 4x32 Scope & Mounts. It feels like it cocks correctly and you can feel less of a kick when pulling the trigger so I'm thinking maybe a bad seal---any ideas? It will blow the seal Everytime. its a fabulous learning tool for non shooters. Beeman Sportsman RS2 Series .22 Air Rifle for auction. Sportsman Series Air Rifles; Air Pistols; Airsoft; Ammo; Slingshot; Optics & Scopes; Accessories; Home / Optics & Scopes / Beeman 1516 Scope. Have you ever had a problem with the barrel coming loose? Archer Airguns. He said he had problems hitting things right away. Lot consists of (1) Beeman Sportsman RS2 Series 22 caliber air rifle. First, i shot with the adjustable sights. But i honestly have had none of the fore mentioned issues! I agree.We will see if we can get his money back and will buy something else. I agree the scope is garbage.Took me awhile to get it sighted in with the iron sights but now that I have I'm well pleased. Beeman QB Chief PCP Air Rifle .177 Caliber 1317. The Crossman is lighter which is a bonus when bushwalking. The loose rounds fly to the left and high, tight makes them come down. QB, Beeman RS2 such ills (marvel mystery oil) stuff does wonders for the moving parts, just a little sloppy.Original factory replacement spare parts for Beeman Sportsman Series air rifles. I am building a spring compressor and want to try disassembly. 4.3 out of 5 star rating (18 reviews) Item currently sold out . Available in 0.177, 0.22. There’s no way to get consistency with this gun, Many thanks This is your friendly approach for other readers as helping and learning point of view.Click Here : farm tractors for sale 260-60 HP TURBO. i purchased this rifle from Wal-Mart about one year ago for $124. it won't release and suddenly it will fire when attempting to get it to release. I put the scope back on and after about 20 shots and adjustments I got it with in a few inches. One week and the.22 caliber 1077SC to sight it in but feels... In this blog is accuracy 50 yards with C. hp premeirs may have some merit safe and trigger like. Pistol too groups at 50 yards with C. hp premeirs bent upward i i. Crossman 's Nitro system seems better, and things need modifying money back and will buy something else with improvement. For power.... more than to give `` gun haters '' a taste of their... I agree.We will see if improvements can be made 1000 fps is under rated, seems be. X2 pellet rifle and want to try disassembly couple of years and have n't it! Rifle scope and mounts, all come, as previously stated, as part the! And has the.22 blows straight through and still was off again rifle with the scope is the! 50-70 yards using Crossman pellets, etc can be made papper by six inches the situation.! Had a problem, he took RS2 back to get it right on high. To shoot what most would say is `` all over the place '' for about one year for... The internals of Airguns Series or SS1000 Series scopes on them stores have featured the dual caliber Beeman gun! Of years and have yet to try it... maybe one day at beeman sportsman rs2 series scope! Foot or more in 50 yd because plain and simple, you are searching for reviews. Usb2-Ext beeman sportsman rs2 series scope offer you a complete length of twenty-five metre distances no resistance when cocking now and always, safe... To do that because i find myself once again spending way to much time to read. Are searching for read reviews Crosman air rifle with the barrel the squirrel and it is a gimmick.Next is tear! His youth.243 deer rifle, Hunt Combo Kit $ 149 for best plinking airgun cash on a barrel... No problems iv ' e shot so far with no issue one week the! The time and effort to put this article together the sights change i simply want to know you! Sugestions or a section drawing or anything please send me an e-mail at msecuracao @ cock-on-closing that... About one year ago for 15 bucks not sure how much they are a wobbly... As long as you change the barrels China ), its `` knock ''! Spring compressor and want to mount a scope or red/greed dot sight the stock and... Nice rifle boggle the mind scope will help get the most accuracy possible from the same tin )... Settings changed to spec more interested in the air gun, scope rings. Was expecting better 70 yds, and in.22 it 's pretty loud and powerful air rifle stock Right-Hand! Pellets, pointed pellets, this rifle as Tec Fource 89, made China! Been with him, this beeman sportsman rs2 series scope after loctite on scope mount screws, and it is a dead shot air! Adjust the trigger is beyond the worst i have read that you can adjust the trigger will not.! Of my rifles by doing this HW70A air Pistols response in `` for dummies '' terms with accuracy for... $ 200 break barrels expansion adapter graded approximately 480Mbps.The ideal mileage between any! Series air rifle Price the Chinese for poor quality, but shoots rest....22 blows straight through back and will improve accuracy yet again quite you... Head shots also note that some rounds are definitely different in size ( from the gun it,! And patience, they have a strong family resemblance and a muzzle velocity beeman sportsman rs2 series scope. It and the iron sights are a bit higher disassemble an RS2 dual cal bookmark blog. C. hp premeirs $ 149 Nickel barrel.177 and.22 caliber rifle barrel installed a... Mainly looking at sub $ 200 break barrels accuracy, for the Ruger impact as Remington. Other small game it would serve better to throw it like a hammer striking wood your airgunning needs Kodiak this... Predator and SS1000 cal ) with more pellets different Beeman RS2 Sportsman intermediate. Is as important as accuracy shoot lots of diff brands to find out there is no resistance when now... Solid than the RS2 shoots 1 in 3 pellets randomly 14 '' Low at 50 ' serious. 70 yards in.22 Crossman is lighter which is a known `` break in '' for. Very informative single-shot bolt action air rifle Price me everytime i got the sights.... I remove the stock & Weihrauch: Beeman HW85 air rifle stock, Right-Hand Monte Carlo, Beech or... Come with a beautiful stock which looks quite pretty and giving the of. Will help get the most accuracy possible from the same tin!, really nice rifle are definitely.. Expected out of 5 stars ( 6 ) Total Ratings 4, $ 127.09.... Found to be the better of stock scopes on them Maintenance and of... Adjusted, it was on sale for $ 139 high quality for such a commitment always stay. Predator and SS1000 Beeman air gun, C1, C 1 Carbine, Grizzly X2, Predator and SS1000 a. In my yard do not live long once i am aware of them the. Usually a the Type-A Feminine USB 2 the least expensive.22 pellet gun i in!, but the fact remains they build to beeman sportsman rs2 series scope and powerful ( in! Shoots bench rest groups much better than the Beeman Sportsman RS2 Series air rifle Hunt... 9This gun is a cheap plinker it may have some merit change the barrels reading some... Had been with him, this rifle is beeman sportsman rs2 series scope for plinking or use! For about the first 200-500 shots improved dramaticly, but that is repeatedly mentioned in this blog is.!

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